Title pin with bad photo of brother and sister

The amount of parents I hear complaining about their child’s bad school photos is immense. Photos are ruined for silly reasons. Hair out of place, crooked ties and unclean faces.

Worst school photos are inevitable, but can you get the best ones?



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#worstschoolphoto #scared #hayley #worstphoto

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Happy Birthday to this Shithead. @lenerose13 She makes good ceviche and that’s the only reason we’re friends. . . . . . . . . . . . . #bestfriendgoals #badschoolphoto #birthdays #shithead #mybestfriend #shesMYbestfriend #blink #braces #everyonelookatherstupidface #shesprettythough

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Going through old pics of the kids and came across this gem 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #badschoolphoto #badschoolpictures #harrypotter #lanejoshua

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A Treasure. My son's Kindergarten photo. 2009 ❤️ The best school photo ever. Lol. He was not going to look at that photographer for the life of him. @theellenshow #badschoolphotos #ilovethiskid #ilovemyson #autismawareness #backwardsphoto #schoolpictures #funnyschoolpictures #hatephotos #funnykids #❤️#badschoolphoto

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Here is my guide to a great school photo:

Not because they aren’t good. I’m sure they are, but they have up to a 1000 children to get through in one day. They don’t edit the photos and spend about 2 mins per child. Even my photos would be lacking if I spent that much time with each child.

Can’t deal with all that then call me, I’ll happily pop over for a mini-shoot and do all the hard work for you. No hassle and incredibly flexible. 

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