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There are many reasons why you feel like your photo is the worst school photos ever. Every year the amount of parents I hear complaining about their child’s bad school photos is immense. Photos are ruined for silly reasons. Hair out of place, crooked ties and unclean faces, missing teeth but let’s be honest it’s not the easiest of times. On a single set day, a photographer who doesn’t even bother to learn your name let alone actually have a conversation with you. Snaps a photo in 90 secs and sends you on your way.

And yet for most families, this is their annual photo of their kid.

So why do school photos have such a sway on us moms?


Why do school photos look bad?

Your school years are a time to experiment, to learn who we are and how we fit in with the people surrounding you. At the same time, biology hates us, and you can almost guarantee that you’ll get a spot the morning of your school picture just because. These quick mass produced, unedited, expensive photos are a disaster waiting to happen.

School photos, in addition to being a meme, are a scam.

The average school photo package sets you back £50-£85, which seems a lot when so far none of school photos of my Jack have actually looked anything like him. (Seriously, I had to do a double take of his last one. I honestly thought they’d given me the wrong kid)

You thought your kid’s school photo was bad… it can’t be as awful as these.


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I promise my child is happy and isn’t living in misery as he appears in this photo 😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️• • • • CAPTION THIS PHOTO PLEASE! 😂😂😂😂• • #schoolpictures #badschoolphoto #badschoolphotos #badschoolpictures #kindergarten #knoxleo

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The worst school photos ever for me either show a bad trend at the time or show just how un-relaxed the person was.

80s school photos

Shy or sassy kids

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#worstschoolphoto #scared #hayley #worstphoto

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If you have met my son Ryker before – you know he is full of personality. He loves to be in front of the camera. He loves to be silly. You can tell that perfectly from these photos. I do wish his glasses werent crooked, but you can’t have it all. . Then there is Kinsley. The best part of these photos; theyre perfectly her. She is a sassy little diva – full of life and personality. Can you tell? . . #schoolpictures #ellendegeneres. #Ellen #badschoolphoto #schoolphotos #kids #kidsofinstagram #kids_of_our_world

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Embarrassing high school photos

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Happy Birthday to this Shithead. @lenerose13 She makes good ceviche and that’s the only reason we’re friends. . . . . . . . . . . . . #bestfriendgoals #badschoolphoto #birthdays #shithead #mybestfriend #shesMYbestfriend #blink #braces #everyonelookatherstupidface #shesprettythough

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Personal trends

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Going through old pics of the kids and came across this gem 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #badschoolphoto #badschoolpictures #harrypotter #lanejoshua

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Bad school picture backdrops

I’m not quite sure what this photographer was going for, but this is a bad school picture background.

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Carter's school portrait managed somehow to be so bad it was kinda good. LOL #kidsofinstagram #badschoolphoto

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School pictures gone wrong

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A Treasure. My son's Kindergarten photo. 2009 ❤️ The best school photo ever. Lol. He was not going to look at that photographer for the life of him. @theellenshow #badschoolphotos #ilovethiskid #ilovemyson #autismawareness #backwardsphoto #schoolpictures #funnyschoolpictures #hatephotos #funnykids #❤️#badschoolphoto

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Bad yearbook photos

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iLovetoCreate gals @laurakellydesigns and @swelldesigner getting their 80's looks on at the @officialcricut party! Love the fun #80s #yearbook #photobooth ! Such a #clever idea! #explorecricut #snapconf #badhairday #badyearbookphotos

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Awkward class photos

It’s so hard to get a good group shot because someones always blinking or looking in the wrong direction, or worse still. The class clown decides to have some fun.

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Why were we so weird? 😛 #awkwardclassphotos

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Here is my guide to a great school photo:

Don’t use the school photographer.

Not because they aren’t good. I’m sure they are, but they have up to a 1000 children to get through in one day. They don’t edit the photos and spend about 2 mins per child. Even my photos would be lacking if I spent that much time with each child.

Get a good nights sleep

It’s amazing what a good nights sleep and being well hydrated can do for your skin and your expression. No one who’s shattered can smile convincingly.

Focus on their hair

Get a hair cut about 7-10 days prior to picture day.

Practice making expressions at any camera to avoid the deer in headlights look.

If you want to avoid being one of the worst school photos ever, you have plenty of options:

Can’t deal with all that and still worried about having the worst school photos ever then call me, I’ll happily pop over for a mini-shoot and do all the hard work for you. No hassle or quick snaps here.

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