So you want to take great photos but have no idea where to start! Part 2

Manual mode photography sounds difficult but learning to shoot in manual mode will make a huge difference to your photos. Learn how to use manual mode including shutter speeds and tips for shooting in it that will help you better know what to do and how to take photos that edit well in Lightroom or other editing software. Get over your fear of shooting in manual mode with this photography for beginners #photography #manualmode #cameramodes #takingphotos #photo #photographer

So you’ve read part 1 and are ready to learn how to make your photographs better. 

Step 1: Decide what type of photographer you want to be.

Step 2: Decide what gear you have/need.

Step 3: Take a bad photo.

Step 4: Learn how to make it better

Step 5: (The most important lesson) Go do it again.

Step 4: Learn how to make it better. 

First of all, you need to be able to look at your photo and see what’s wrong. This is actually harder than the fixing it most of the time. To help you with this, this is how I check my photos: 

  1. Is the image straight?
  2. Check the background for anything distracting
  3. Check the lighting (exposure) is it too dark or too light?
  4. Are the colour right?
  5. Is the main subject obvious?

Step 5: Go do it again.  

While some fixes can be done post processing. Most of the time its easier to do it while taking the photo. So once you’ve figured out what’s wrong. Take the photo again. This time trying best to fix again issues. 

Post your before and after pictures below and check out these other posts.

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