52 Week Challenge- Week 5 Family

Photo to be submitted between Dec 22nd- Dec 29th.

What do I mean by Family?

It’s Family week. For some family mean genetics, while for others it’s those who share a special bond with. Many of you will be seeing you’re loved ones this week. Why not take the opportunity to capture what family means to you. 


Challenge: Candid Family moments

For me family is about spending quality time together. Showing your love to those around you. This little monster above is amazing at showing family love. 

Not comfortable sharing your loved ones, why not show family in a different way, Mother duck and her ducklings, or if you’re an animal lover like myself, your pets. 

Only catch this week is no posing. The idea behind candid is that the subject does not know you’re taking the photo. This helps you tell a story about the moment. 

Join my VIP list and enjoy additional tutorials on how to do things like this. 

Extra credit to anyone who comments their camera settings

Got some festive decorations up? Take a photo of part of them. 

How to share your images

The best place to submit your images is our Facebook Community. 

If you want to share your images with the rest of the people who are taking part in the challenge I recommend the following hashtags: 

#Robyntog52 #Robyns52Challenge(then challenge number)



to go until the next challenge!

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