My Top 5 2017 Resources

Sorry for the late posting. It’s been one of those days. Jack has not been blog friendly today. Anyway, I appreciate you simply being here. 

I love to keep you guys in the loop with what’s working for me.  Here is my top 5 resources to Improve my photography. Yes, I love learning and I’m continuously improving my knowledge and photography skills too.

1.The Digital Photography Book Boxset – A great starting point for anyone who’s interested in the how to book.

It’s the kind of book that you can pick up, grab the little bit you need time after time. I still use it as a reference guide and still love finding out sweet tips and tricks. 

Scott kelby has a unique approach of not getting into the nitty and gritty but simple stating it’s this setting or you just wanna do this. Just like a mate sat next to would. So if you’re looking for a  quick how to that’s not over confusing then his your guy. 

2. KelbyOne– Want to see how the professionals do everything. This is a great show me step by step video tutorial site. Try their free trail today. 

They do everything from how your camera works, reviews of new tech, how to set up your shoot, how to organise your files, how to edit using Lightroom, Photoshop, and Camera Raw, seriously the list goes on and on.  

3. Lightroom CC– Every decent photo has been editing even if its only the slightest edit. Lightroom is a great way to get started. I love the simplicity of the software and its very easy to get into the flow of editing every image just how you like it. 

4. My Canon Camera kit– You aren’t going to get very far without a good start up kit. No, that doesn’t mean you need an expensive DSLR. There are plenty of excellent entry level camera. 

(More on this soon)

5. My Facebook Group– Everyone needs a good community to share ideas and get feedback. I love my group, I deliberately keep is small enough so that I can truly interact with every single person accepted and help them on their journey to becoming better photographers. 

What's you favourite resources? Leave a comment below

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