7+ Creative and Easy First Day at School Photo Ideas

Summer is over and the learning season is beginning. While I know for many of you the back to school season is filled with dread of needing to find that perfect shade of their school uniform without passing out at the cost, but for me I’ve always loved the back to school shopping. The new stationary, new shoes, a fresh notebook. The first day at school filled with nerves about making new friends, while being excited or treading the new teacher, but the best part was my mom trying to take that first day back to school photo. (My mom is not talented with a camera)

Here are my top 7 creative ideas for your first day at school photos:

Back to school photos are a great way to remember that important first day of school for any year of your child’s life. Taking the right photos, with props can be idea to later frame and keep as a record of your child’s development. Learn to take photos on your child’s first day at school for every year so you never loose those memories #backtoschool #schoolphotos #photography #takephotos #childrenphotography

Shopping for School Supplies

There’s so much more too going back to school, and the thing I got most excited about was getting a new school bag and school essentials. (I’m still a massive stationary person)

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Holidays are almost over 😪 . Here is our first back to school tip when looking for eco-friendly supplies. . Pencils are needed all the time at school. Choose one of the several sustainable options out there for your kids. . But before buying, check around and use all the old pencils you can find in your house. With a little sharpener, they will be like new in no time. . When shopping, one cool option can be to buy plantable pencils. They are eco-friendly and kids will get to plant the seeds they contain at the end of their life. Great activity! . You can also get pencils from recycled materials. For example, some are made from recycled newspapers. . For new wooden pencils, always choose FSC certified pencils. This guarantees that the wood used to make them has been harvested sustainably. . Finally, think about the reusable ones. They are often made of plastic, but if you take good care of them, they can last for longer and reduce waste. . There are plenty of options out there. Choose what works best for you, but always think sustainabe, and don't forget about the packaging! 😉 Easy! . . . #easyecotips #greentips #ecology #savetheplanet #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastelife #plasticfree #nomoreplastic #noplasticbags #greenliving #sustainableliving #reducereuserecycle #climatechange #globalwarming #backtoschool #schoolsupplies #school #holidays #pencil #pencils #officesupplies #backtoschoolshopping

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First day at school Frames 

Let your kids tell you wants important. You can either get creative and make your own first day of school frames, or cheat and download these digital ones.

Back to school Chalkboards

Not a fan of frames, try these personalised back to school chalk boards. These are great is you want to build a series over the years.

Front Door

The front door is an amazing location for your child’s first day at school photo. It’s such a nice simple background and I love how the door itself helps frame and give emphasis on your child.

School Uniform/School Sign

School introductions

Watch your kid grow up is both amazing and challenging, but they don’t get to see it the way you do. Do a get to know me and save them for when they’re older, they’ll love looking back to seeing all the great ideas and memories they had.

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🍎🌈📓✏️It’s July and my mind is already on back to school time, so I’m guessing other people are thinking about it too. This ALL ABOUT ME Autobiography Poem is one of my favorite writing pieces to do with kids because the somewhat prescribed format allows them to really focus on word choice and interesting details. It’s the perfect way to get to know your new students! You can find it in my TpT store with other B2S resources. Link in profile. Thank you to my cooperating teacher who introduced the Autobiography Poem to me during my internship so many years ago. 😊 #allaboutme #allaboutmeactivities #allaboutmewriting #autobiography #autobiographypoem #backtoschool #backtoschoolwriting #backtoachoolactivities #openhousewriting #openhouse #gettoknowyourstudents #3rdgradeteacher #4thgradeteacher #5thgradeteacher #3rdgradewriting #4thgradewriting #5thgradewriting #thirdgrade #thirdgradewriting #fourthgrade #fourthgradewriting #fifthgrade #fifthgradewriting #teachingpoetry #beginningoftheyear #teachersofinstagram #upperelementary #teacherspayteachers #tpt @teacherspayteachers

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When I grow up

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