7 Creative and Easy First Day at School Photo Ideas

Summer is over and the learning season is beginning. While I know for many of you the back to school season is filled with dread of needing to find that perfect shade of their school uniform without passing out at the cost, but for me I’ve always loved the back to school shopping. The new stationary, new shoes, a fresh notebook. The first day at school filled with nerves about making new friends, while being excited or treading the new teacher, but the best part was my mom trying to take that first day back to school photo. (My mom is not talented with a camera)

Here are my top 7 creative ideas for your first day at school photos:

First Day of School Introduction 

First day at school Frames 

Back to school Chalkboards

Front Door

The front door is an amazing location for your child’s first day at school photo. It’s such a nice simple background and I love how the door itself helps frame and give emphasis on your child.

School Uniform/School Sign

First Vs Last Day


When I grow up

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