The 3 Biggest Mistakes in Being Consistent In Your Photography

First off, what does photography style actually mean and why is important that your consistent in your photo’s? It’s just your unique look / point of view on the world around you. It’s about showing the viewer what you see, not merely the recording on what’s there, but an interpretation of it. You showing them how it made you feel. 

1. Find inspiration around you

While photos are the obvious place to start, we struggle to then be inspired by them. They either intimidate us or we have a strong urge to mimic them. Instead, find inspiration from colours, home decor, clothes, etc. 

What do these say about you as an individual? 

Do you prefer a particular theme, texture, feeling? 

Is there anything consistent already in your photos / style?


Yes, there’s some impressive photographers out, who do their style very well. But you style develops as you do. So it’s incredibly difficult to do it as well if not better than someone else because you don’t know their motivation or the goal or the photo or how they were feeling when they took it. And trust emotion is everything when it comes to your style.  

3. Impatience

Yes, I’m guilt of this too. I hate it when people say some thing just take time. But unfortunately, this is true. We do not find our style, it just forms around us with time, IF we take the time to practice and find what we love. 

The real question you should be asking yourself if what is your goal for the photo? 

What are you trying to show/ tell the viewer?

How do you want them to feel?

And finally how are you going to achieve that feeling?

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