Will my house work for an at-home photoshoot?

I love in-home photo sessions, after all it’s about capturing what your life is like at that moment in time. It’s a common reaction to feel “my house isn’t nice enough for an at-home photoshoot”. We understand that feeling, but that’s where I come in. You might be thinking “I can take pictures in my home but I wouldn’t call them wall art worthy.”

I want to show you what’s possible for your at-home photoshoot

Here is my son’s nursery: it’s cramped, with awful lighting and full of all the essentials required for caring for my special bundle of joy. It was definitely not the sort of look, you see in most lifestyle photos on Pinterest, right?

My son's Nursery

But does that mean it’s not nice enough for an at-home photoshoot no!

Watching my little man grow in his cot, having to move the bed down, was something I longed to capture before it was gone and is now a cherished wall art in my own home. So don’t write off a room in your home that appears too small or messy on the surface.

Before you roll your eyes and think yeah but that wouldn’t work in my house. 

Here is a classic living room used for an in-home photo session. 


Toys shattered across the floor, dog and kids running around, the nice cardigan little Lola refuses to wear thrown across the back of the sofa, and mom clingy to the doorway cringing and secretly wishing they could retreat into the kitchen and sneak another biscuit but watch and wait for that moment when the chaos finally crashes into tears. Yes, we’ve all been there. 

Here’s where you have to learn to see past the chaos and see the tiny moment of joy and be ready to capture the moment or get someone to do it for you. The possibilities are endless and yet so easily overlooked. 

Newborn Session - Alana 9
Sibling Session - Alana

Family photos are all about capturing who you are as a family. What better way of capturing those precious everyday moments, than actually at-home family pictures. 

Remember them for who they are now!


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