How to find the right mentor

I’ve been putting off getting a photography mentor because it’s an additional cost and I doubted how effective a mentor would be on my photography. I believe that you should never stop learning, but I already know the basics and I was worried that I’d be repeating the same old stuff and I would learn anything.

OMG! How wrong could I be? Yes, I’m know how to take a good photo. I understand what I love about photography and how the settings work…


So my coach asked me to breathe, and I was like I always breathe. It’s hard not to! She then made me mediate for just 5 mins. Just be and listen to myself. Then I’ve forgot to breathe. I was so busy getting the shot, I forgot to breathe, take that moment before you press the shutter. It’s amazing how much more you see when you stop for just a second and breathe.

My Before

My After

Sometimes I think its easier to see what you need to do next when you’re look fresh on it.

Who inspires you to be a better photographer? Who helps you understand your next step? If you’re thinking of taking your next step and learning photography from someone.

Here is my 5 steps to finding the perfect photography mentor?

What do you love to photograph?

We all have our favourite topics to photography. As I’m sure most of you already know my favourite is younger children. I love capturing the magical spark within children. However, what you might not know is I also love macro and food photography too. Children definitely feels easier but I think that’s only because I’ve been doing it for a lot longer and lot more regularly.

What do you want from your mentor?

We have all different strengths and weaknesses. I enjoy learning how the technical side of photography and the editing software, but I need help to see what I want before a shoot and stick to my plan. I knew I needed someone who could help me slow down and believe in myself.

Get social

After researching many local and non local photographers who I admire. I took the time to get to know them. Joined their email list, commented on their social posts to try and get to know them a little better. I was surprised how much time they gave me.

Make contact

Finally, I made contact for a free call to see if we were a match. Not for dating but if we could work together. It took a a little while for me to decide who was the right person. However, she knew I was looking for someone to support my ideas and guide me in the right direction. I wasn’t looking for a formal study programme, I was looking for someone to say that great, but have you thought about this….

What have I learnt from having my own photography mentor?

No, she’s not at my beck-and-call. Although I can message her whenever, I know that it might take her a day or two to get back to me, because she has her own clients. We have scheduled online video calls, to discuss how my weeks gone and what I should do next. She also using the time to teach me. I’m honoured that she’s accepted me as a student, because I feel I could learn a lot from her. Especially when I’m open to new processes and put maximum effort it.

 Are you ready to find your perfect mentor?