10 Wishes for my Child

Today, I was going to tell you my top 10 wishes for Jack. Nothing particular unique about wanting your child to be happy and healthy, I know.

But this morning at 8:44 I got a call that literally threw my day upside down. I went from having a relaxing chilled day planned, playing Paw Patrol/Blaze adventures in my garden to waiting in pure anticipation for a call to say my hubby was ok*. You mind is an amazing thing, but it can be a little cruel at the same time. It’s amazing how quickly you can think of all the different possible outcomes and how quickly your priorities shift.
(*My hubby is ok, thank God.)

Jack in a field of grass.


I want him to:

1) Have freedom in his life to explore himself and the world, to not be restricted.

2) Find love

3) Have a close family and friends

4) Be understanding, not only of others but of himself as well

5) Be kind

6) Be proud of me.

7) Have wisdom

8) Be resilient in his health

9) Be creative- It’s helped me through a lot

10) To have integrity.

But most of all I want to watch him grow into these.

What do you want for your children?


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