Meet Robyn

Hello there…….

I’m Robyn and thank you for taking the time to read this.

I’m sure you’ve worked this out by now, I’m a natural light lifestyle children’s photographer based in the West Midlands, aka a children’s photographer who likes to capture kids running around and playing in the sunshine.  While I could waffle on about my passion for photography and how I self taught myself over many years until my hobby became my life calling. It’s not the reason I became a professional photographer. My son Jack is. He helped me see photography as a lifestyle rather than just a career.

Top 5 things you need to know about me:

1.  I’m a mom, so I get it. We’ve all had one of those days.

2.  I love chocolate, pizza and chips

3.  I enjoy creating beautiful artwork, in a variety of ways.

4.  I have a staffy called Max and three ferrets

5.  I still enjoy Lego and RPG’s. 

We all love our children and I’m sure you have a million and one quickly snapped photos on your phone. But do you have a beautiful photo of yourself with them?I’m just as guilty of this with my own son, Jack. Thousands of photos of him but only two, yes TWO that I truly love of me and him. Lets create a personalised photography experience together to ensure you have beautiful artwork of the whole family.

Do you hate the idea of another white background cheesily posed photo?

Most of clients feel the same way. I do not use generic white backgrounds or cheesy poses. I want to help create a personalised experience that suits you and your family. We will pick the perfect location that means something to you,. Whether that be your favourite park or at home where you can relax and be yourself while I create uniquely personalised artwork that you will treasure forever.
I am here to help make the experience as fun and hassle free as possible, and assist you throughout the whole process from what to wear to finding the right way to display your artwork after as well.

Are you still unsure about this?

‘I don’t like having my photo taken’

I promise to make the whole experience a fun and if necessary we can talk it through before. 

‘I don’t have the time’

I know you’re busy, why not pick a location for the kids to run around and play games. It won’t feel like an extra thing to do, but some special time with the children. 

‘I really like digital files’

I do too. If you want digitals for sharing on Facebook and Instagram, feel free. Although, wall art and Canvases are important to us too. After all, we don’t like digitals sitting there gathering dust. 

‘I can’t afford it’

Packages start from as little as £120, and I offer payment plans 

‘My kids won’t do it’

Don’t Worry! Thats my job. I believe in capturing the very essence of who they are. If that means they run around for whole session then so be it. Or she hides behind you because she’s shy. I’ll find a way. Trust me. 

Want to have a chat over a warm cuppa? Call me.Have any questions? Scribble them down below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.