Why I have a love hate relationship with Stock Photos?

Of course it’s a great idea to have someone else with the time and tech take photos for us, especially when we don’t always have the time, locations or tech to be able to achieve those photos.


The reality is that you spend the same about of time searching the internet for the “RIGHT” image to only end up with that’s “good enough” or worse the next day you see the exact same image somewhere else used in a very different way.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying stock photos are bad and you should never use them. What I’m trying to say like all good things in life, use them in moderation. If you live miles from the beach and you know you it’s nion impossible to get there at the moment with two toddlers and everything else going on, then by all means use them. However, if it’s all you ever use then it’s very difficult to get a true depiction of your style and your vision of the world, because each one had been taken by someone else.

I actually keep a record of who is the creator of the stock photos I use. I learn their style and see if I like them, then go back to them if I need something.  

I’m sure there are quite a few of you thinking, but I can’t do my own stock photos!! Why not? Your phone camera is a great place to start, and you could make it your own for any social media but especially Instagram. 

If you could make your own where would you like to start?