From Flat to Fabulous Photo’s

So many of my friends who ask how I take such fabulous photo’s on a whim with my iphone when I’m out at playgroup.

Here is two photo’s taken practically at the same time.

Which do you prefer? Do you know why you prefer the second one. I do.

(Like all good things in life you need to work out what’s wrong before you can fix it.)

What’s wrong with the following photo’s?

Hover over each one to find out.

Turn your flash off

Flashes cause harsh unflattering light. No one looks good like this.

Check your light

The exposure is wrong. The sky is beautiful exposed but the subject is too dark.

Taken over head

When taking photos of people, especially kids try taking the photo at their head height first.

Get Closer to your subject

When taking a portrait. Get closer to your subject, pay attention to the finer details.

Taken Overhead

Parent takes a photo from their perspective rather than the most flattering and better composition.

Avoid Distracting Backgrounds

Hopefully this has helped you realise that I to have taken my fair share of bad photo’s too. We all have to start somewhere. 

Now you know where you're going wrong... Check out how to fix it

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