Mom Monday – Episode #1

Hey, thanks for stopping by. No, I mean it. 

As a fellow mom, your time is the most precious thing you can give me. Let’s face it, we have so little of it that’s truly our own. If your house is anything like mine, your days filled with your littles new favourite toy and you secretly wishing to hide with a cuppa, a couple of biscuits and some peace and quiet.

Every Monday I want to address life as mom. The good, the bad and the ugly. So if there’s anything you want to address, discuss or explore.

For me the hardest part about being a mom, is that feeling of being alone and wanting nothing more than having a moment of peace.  Every mom feels unworthy at some point, but it’s only when we remember how much we love them that the fun begins. I want to make sure you know that it doesn’t matter whether your having one of those days, your celebrating another milestone in your precious one’ life, or simply need to escape for 5 mins. That we’re here.

When we the last time you granted yourself permission to be you? Not a mom, a wife, a housekeeping, a cook. Please take jus 10 mins today to remind yourself who YOU are? Do you have a passion for reading, drawing, shopping or music. What did you love doing before you became a mom? Today, find 5-10mins I know that sounds impossible but trust me you can find it. You might just find yourself in the process. Being a mom is just one side of who you are.

Who are you?

So what will you do today? Tell me below.