Top 7 Tips to Improve your Photography Immediately

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Do you want to improve your photography skills right now? Check out these 7 beginner photography tips to improve your photography despite the camera your using. 

1. Turn your flash off

Why anyone thought putting a direct flash on a camera was a good idea, I'll never know. Direct flashes are scary and very unflattering. Please turn if off immediately.

2. Check your Lighting

It's important to ensure your subject is suitably lit. As you can see my sky is beautifully exposed but my subject is drastically under exposed. Check out the 5 day challenge at the bottom of this blog to learn how to always get the right light.

3. Zoom in on your subject

You need to know what the subject in the photo is. Simply move closer or zoom in to improve this.

4. Take the photo at head height

This is my favourite and fastest way to improve your photography. So many parents take photos at their chest height, resulting in unflattering images. Try moving to the subjects head height to see a massive improvement immediately.

5. Clear the cutter

Having too much stuff in the background is a classic beginner mistake. Make sure your background is cutter free. It stops the viewer from being distracted, and emphasis the subject.

6. Share your photo's

The best way to improve your photography is to share it. I'd love to see what you're up to. Just tag me in. @RobynOBrienPhotography @RobynsPH @robynobrienphotography

Robyn O'Brien

7. Practice

Unfortunately, in photography practice is so important. Practice these top 7 beginner photography tips and see how much better your photo's are.

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