How to easily teach your kids photography

with 7 Super Simple and affordable Photo Challenges for all ages

Summer is a great time to teach your kids photography, and I’ve found that family activities and kid challenges are the best way to get them involved, having fun and learning photography together.

Photography Walks

One of my personal favourite photography activities to do with Jack is a photo walk. We go off on an adventure, taking photos when we’re inspired. Not only does it allow time together and time to practice your photography. A great place to start in learning photography is learning how to slow down and see. Taking in your surroundings and challenging yourself to see things from a different perspective. To portray a feeling, a story and take pride in the new discovery of joy and beauty. This simple activity can be done in your local area, you don’t need to travel or spend money. Secret photo treasure can we found walking the dog around the local block, if you and your little one pay attention. 

Want a bigger event? Scott Kelby does a world photo walk every year. 

Pick a single lens photo challenge

Limiting and mastering one lens can challenge you find the limitations and benefits of a particular lens. This includes your smartphone. It’s a prime lens. Working out exactly what you can do with it so important to feeling confident.

Ask yourself: 

  • How close can I get to a subject?
  • Zoom with your feet vs your camera zoom
  • What’s the best subject for this lens?
  • Play with different apertures. 
  • How does your position affect the perspective of the lens? 
  • How good is the autofocus performance of the lens?

A-Z of Summer

Wanna build some literacy into it all. Challenge your little ones to take 26 photos A-Z. Some are easy, some not so easy. Not only will this help teach little kids their alphabet, but it will also teach them to be creative in their photography. Enjoy an A-Z Photo challenge. 

Summer Bucket Lists

Create a summer wish list and go for it, check out my travel guide if your adventure takes you further afield.

Summer Photo Challenge #Summerschool #BootCamp

Need something for the kids to do either solo or in a small group. I’ve created a Summer Boot Camp with a wide range of photography activities for kids aged 3-18, printables included. 

All you need is a camera and some imagination. 

Photography Activities and Printable’s for the whole family.

Make a photo book of your summer

Now that you’ve taken a whole load of photos, don’t them sit in your computer/ phone. Create something with them. A summer photo book is a great activity to teach your kids photography towards the end of summer. It allows children to remember all the fun you had. It could be used to practice some literacy with getting them to write captions for each photo, or taken into school for show and tell. 


Photo Book
Photo Books from PhotoBox

What will you create this summer to teach your kids photography?