52 Week Challenge- Week 10 Ten of one

Photo to be submitted between Jan 26th - Feb 2nd

What do I mean by Exercise Ten?

This week is all about making you think more about your photos. 

8 teddies

Challenge: Take 10 photos of the same subject.

Your challenge this week is to capture 10 different photos of the same subject. 

If you’re struggling to think about how you can make it different. 


  • Different perspectives (Check out my basic Composition posts, Part 1, Part 2.)
  • Different locations. 
  • Different lenses like I did. 
  • Different Settings
  • Only 1 lens, or 1 setting. 

Your Perspective is a powerful tool. Don't believe me- Watch this...

How to share your images

The best place to submit your images is our Facebook Community. 

If you want to share your images with the rest of the people who are taking part in the challenge I recommend the following hashtags: 

#Robyntog52 #Robyns52Challenge(then challenge number)



to go until the next challenge!

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