Best of January 2017

Another month gone far too quickly.

It’s quite scary really how quickly my little Jack is growing. Do you ever that feeling of you’re not quiet sure where the last week or even month has gone? 

We’ll, I’ve decided I wanted to make sure I have something to show for each month this year. I want to have a sense of achievement,  a bank of fun memories and mementos from adventure days with the family. So I’ve set myself a challenge to share my favourite moments of each month with all of you. 

My Birthday

Yep, I gain another years knowledge , wisdom and fun . It’s difficult getting older. I think it’s hard as a mom, to want anything nothing than a happy (quiet) family, oh and more sleep. Yes, that was my most wished for gift this year and I got it. I tend to keep my birthday quiet and simple. It makes life a lot easier in the long run, but at least my hubby knows me well enough to let me rest. 

Reflection Week

I’m so proud of those challenge themselves every week. I love watching not only the students but myself grow. You really can’t beat really getting into a challenge and pushing yourself to grow and learn.. I know watching my students has pushed me. 

Phone Vs DSLR

Smart Phone Challenge to myself.

So there seems to be a bit of fad going round my fellow photographers, which has spiked my interest. We all know that an expensive camera doesn’t make a photographer, but is it possible  to be a professional level photographer with just. smart phone. My instincts say why not. The technology is getting better everyday but my question is HOW? I’ll keep you posted on what find out. 


Did you know that millionaires read at least a book a week? The average person is lucky to finish one a year. So I decided I needed to up my game. This month I read Vlog like a Boss by Amy Schmitteaur. I read it one sitting, and got loads out of it. 

So why Vlog like a Boss? Well, Video seems to be everywhere these days with Facebook Live, InstaStories etc and if I’m honest it scares me so I thought doing some research into it might help me overcome that insecure feeling. Wanna check it out?

Flu Season

I don’t know about you but its been flu season in our house. So its been a lot of cuddles, calpol and tv. More tv than I would have a liked, but it was survival mode in our house more than once. Paw Patrol is on a roll.

My favourite personal Photo

Sometimes, it not about the most technical photo that wins your heart, but for its normally the simplicity of it. I love this photo because it made a friend stop and think. Something I love to do. Can you guess what it is?

What was your best moment from January? Comment below.

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