52 Week Challenge- Week 2 Rule of Thirds

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Week 2 - Rule of thirds

Photo to be submitted between Dec 1st- Dec 8th.

What is the Rule of Thirds?

The Rule of thirds is one of the most well known photography composition rules. 

It’s a use of 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines to produce a 3 by 3 grid of your image as you can see below. The trick now is when you place your subject within the grid that makes better compositions. 

How to use the Rule of Thirds?

Simple line up the important part of your photo either at the intersections or along the lines. This will give your photo the balance it needs. 

Like all rules in life, there are times to break it. But I’ll explore that another day. 

All you need to do this week is take a photo of anything using the rule of thirds technique. 

rule of thirds example

Challenge: So try it out.

Extra Credit to anyone who does both a before and after. 1 Photo of how they would have done it and one applying the rule of thirds.

Need Some Help!!

1. Switch the grid on. Read your manual on the best way to do this. iPhone grid is under camera settings while Samsung in the camera app itself.  


How to share your images

The best place to submit your images is our Facebook Community. 

If you want to share your images with the rest of the people who are taking part in the challenge I recommend the following hashtags: 

#Robyntog52 #Robyns52Challenge(then challenge number)

Still not sure or have a question?? Email me or comment below

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