52 Week Challenge- Week 1 Portraits

Week 1 – Self Portrait

Photo to be submitted between Nov 24th- Dec 1st.

I know what your all thinking. I hate having my photo taken. I feel the same way. But I actually have two reasons why this is the first Challenge.
1.  Read your manual and make sure you understand your camera. So many of us don’t utilise the self timer and many other features. Yes, even your phone has this capability. So get reading.
2. This is not a selfie. A self portrait should be crafted, showing more that a physical likeness of the subject. It should tell us something about who you are!

Can’t wait to meet everyone.

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How to share your images

The best place to submit your images is our Facebook Community.

If you want to share your images with the rest of the people who are taking part in the challenge I recommend the following hashtags:

#Robyntog52 #Robyns52Challenge(then challenge number)

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