How to learn your own photography style

and why it's important you start today...

We all want to discover our own unique way of doing photography. However, finding your style can be incredibly difficult, time-consuming and overwhelming. 
I’m not going to lie to you there is no easy fix on this one and it does take a considerable amount about of time. However, there are a few things you can do to shorten the process. 

  1. Figure out what inspires you. 

When you’re scrolling through Instagram, which pictures are you drawn to and why? What makes those pictures different. I love finding styles on Instagram that inspire me. For example here are just a few photographers I love to follow

However, while I love these styles and  am totally inspired by them to go and create. These are nothing like my style. 
Do not copy other people’s work. While imitation is a great compliment. They’re good because it’s theirs, they know how to achieve it almost every time. So find people’s work you like and work out why you like it. Is a certain way they use light? Is it a particular way the edit? These snippets you can adapt and amend to find you’re style. I love how Peter McKinnon uses a bold, high contrasting, cinematic feeling in his photography. 

2. Collection of favourites

The next thing I’d recommend is to curl up with a good cuppa and go through every photo on your photo and create a collection of your favourites. 

Don’t over think it. Just heart the ones you love.

Now do you see a pattern? Do you love taking photos of your kids? Are you drawn to black and white photos? What techniques have you used? Are they all close ups? Candid moments of daily life?


3. Learn, learn and learn. 

Take in as much as you possibly can. Watch Youtube videos for quick tutorials. Find a few photographers you like and follow them. Most photographers and creatives out there want to help you. 

4. Practice. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic wand when its comes to photography. There’s only time saving tutorials, tips and tricks. If you are the kind of person who likes to read check out my blog. 

If you prefer to have a focus. I’d recommend a 52 Week Project

Or if you prefer to watch youtube video’s watch this space. My new youtube channel will arrive soon. 

5. Most importantly have fun. 

Shoot what you love the way you want to and your passion will pour out.