How to get the best back to school photos

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Going back to school is another milestone on your child’s life journey. It’s one of those moments that you can’t help but think back to when they were smaller and possibly cuter. (Threenger is the making here.) With everyone saying I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. First day of school photos have become a tradition of most parents but getting a great back to school photo can be difficult. After reading this post you’ll have everything you need to get a great back to school photo and get a genuine smile from picture day.  

Creative Back to School Photo Ideas

You want to get the best back to school photo of your kid, but have no ideas. Don’t worry whether you’re looking for first day of school inspiration, or want to get the most of school picture day. I’ve got you covered. Here is my creative and easy first day of school ideas. 

What to wear for school pictures

We all have a natural desire to both be our real selves and fit it, especially at school. We want to be accepted for who we are. Picking the real outfit can both help you feel good and express yourself. So be a real as you can, even if you wear a uniform (but check your school guidelines). 

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What is the best color to wear for school pictures?

Still not sure what to wear for your first day back to school then stick with solid plain colours. Keep to the classics and you’ll look great. 

How to look good in the school uniform?

First off check your school guidelines, but there’s always ways for you to accessorise. Hats, scarves, jewellry, belts, sweaters. Roll up your sleeves. 

Find out if you can have back to school props


Back to school Mini Session

All else fails and this feels overwhelming, then book a back to school Mini Session with me.