What photography has taught me?

We dwell for so long on what we need to learn about photography, whether it be the settings, compositions, techniques. Today, I want to flip it and look at what photography has taught me in return. 


Photography is all about timing. It’s about waiting for the right moment and the right light. Sometimes this can occur very quickly; while at other times you’ll need to wait for just the right moment. This is particularly true during the golden hours.

Magic in the mundane

If you want to truly enjoy your home life; you need to look past the errands and stop and look at what is right in front of you. Looking for creative and unique perspective to represent the simple.

Perseverance equals perfection

Committing myself to the processes within photography, I’ve been able to watch myself grow in the most incredible ways. I still have photos from when I first started.


On the one hand I find them cringe worthy because I can see all the faults within them, but in the same point I can see how far I’ve grown both personally and on a skill level. Going back over my old albums is one of my favourite things to do when I get stuck.

Live in the moment.

Beauty can be found in the now. If you think about it you can make any ordinary moment breathe taking. You just need to stop, slow your racing mind and truly look at something.

You're never in full control

It does not matter how much you learn about: aperture, ISO, shutter speed, compositions, exposure compensations, metering. There’s always an element of losing control; whether that be the subject your shooting, your light changing. It’s one of those things that you just have to accept. 

There's no short cuts only knowledge!

It’s taken me over 10 years of reading books, watching youtube video, practicing will various cameras to get to where I am today. Please stop wasting time searching for answering. Find someone you like and get to know them. Reach out and ask questions. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how helpful some photographers can be. 

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