Training your eye – Part 2

Many people believe that training your photographic eye can only come with time and practice. Like many skills out there is needs to be developed.

My top 3 exercises to train your eye

1) Choose somewhere you see everyday, like your work desk or dining table. Then arrange it to make the best photo. Consider everything from part 1 and take a single lovely photo. Repeat this process every day for 5 days. Each day you need to reevaluate the subject, start thinking outside the box. Is there a better way? Different perspectives, different focus points, try different compositions.

2) Take your camera with you for a walk around the block, Every 15-20 steps stop and take and good look around you. What’s worth photographing? How can you make something rather mundane, like a manhole cover (please stay off the road) interesting..


3) Now put what you’ve learn together. Take your kids (or borrow a friend for 30 mins) to a open space like the park or beach, if you’re lucky enough, and take 10 different photos of the same place. Don’t fancy moving subjects, Look for natural forming lines, like a row of trees.  Like above think about purpose, composition, light, focus points, backgrounds, how the viewer is drawn into the photo etc.

Share your results using #Robyntog. I’ve love to see how you’re views changed.


  1. I just read your posts and they are great!! Taking pics is not my favourite part of blogging but it is super important so I’ll definitely be putting your exercises to use!

    Teya |tlmblog

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