Best Of 2017

There are a few things that stand out for me about 2017.

  • I got married to my fabulous husband
  • I decided I wanted to work fulltime on my photography business.
  • I started to plan how I could teach photography and help as much as possible. 

Last year was a big step for me, because I let go of the idea of going back to work. I finally believed in myself and my photography business enough that I wouldn’t need to a side job to support it. I’m not going to lie, I made awesome progress last year and completed all of my goals, but I’m an overachiever! So this year I’ve moved the goalpost a little further away.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want from 2018. How I can help you guys become better photographers? What I want to learn this year and my goals for my business.

But more importantly, I wanted to share my goals with you:

Complete my 52 week project.

I know I’m only 8 weeks in but I’m loving the challenges and I’ve been moved by the amount of you putting in serious effort each week to challenge yourselves, learning new techniques and putting yourself out there.

I’m looking to do a few mini courses.

Quick and Easy Editing on your phone- How to edit your photos in less than 5 mins

Chasing the light! – How to always get perfect exposure and beautiful light.

Getting out Auto – Do you ignore all the extra settings because it’s just too confusing??

Comment below – Which one you would like first?


I’m terrified of going live but I’ve promised myself that this quarter I will go live and show you guys quick and easy wins. Some things are just easier to be shown.

Oh and my mom goal this month is to get Jack out of Nappies. I’d love any input from other moms out there. It’s been quite a stressful week so far, with a lot of Laundry.

What are you determined to learn this year? And What are you too scared/overwhelmed to start learning?Leave a comment below

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