What to wear guide.

Choosing what to wear for a family session can be tricky, if you don’t have a plan.

My Do’s and Don’ts for choosing what to wear.

Do choose a colour scheme/palette.

If you know where you want the wall art in your living room, then coordinate your outfits to your decor. Remember while Orange and yellow are happy colours, they can distract from the face so use them minimally.

Don’t match.

Leave the matching dresses and shirts at home and pick a colour scheme instead.

Do layer.

Layers create interest and texture. They all add good variations. Think scarves, cardigans, coats, or jewellery.

Don’t be afraid of patterns.

While contrasting patterns can be overwhelming, simple complementary patterns work well together, especially when used in moderation. Eg. Stripes and plain colours. Simple floral.

Do pay attention to the finer details.

Shoes matter! Try to stick to neutral/no logos shoes for the whole family? Or my favourite, no shoes.

Do stay comfortable.

The whole purpose of the session is to capture fun. Make sure your comfortable for whatever comes.

Don’t Overthink it.

You don’t need to stress out or go buy loads of clothes. What suits your family? Start there.

Do accessorise

Children are more comfortable when holding something. Don’t be afraid to bring their favourite teddy. Accessorise with flowers, props, hats, etc