Is photography coaching right for you?

Is Photography Coaching right for you?

Why do you need photography coaching?

To help you identify and focus on what’s important to you.

What is coaching?

Coaching challenges you to focus time and energy to actually DO what you want and need to do, and gives you the clarity, support, confidence, motivation, and accountability you need to create what you want. Together we will create a learning path that suits YOU. For most people they have started the process by either working out what’s wrong (reflections) or by working out what needs to be achieved (goals), however few people actually break this down and figure out what their next steps are and manage to implement it!

Why do people decide to work with a coach?

I ask my clients why they choose to work with a photography coach:

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To figure out what I need to do and how to make it happen by breaking down overwhelming projects or tasks into small, manageable chucks.
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I needed help breaking through blocks like fear and confusion around my creativity and the technology in a nonjudgmental way, and start to see the bigger picture.
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You want to go beyond talking and start doing—taking consistent action every week to actually create sustainable changes in your life.

What kind of results am I looking for?

Figuring out whether your goal is for an internal transformation, about how you perceive the world, and yourself or a collection of moving photos you can share and treasure forever. We all have our own reasons for starting the journey.

I’ve to hear all about yours. Comment below or drop me a message.


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