How to fit photography into your chaotic daily life?

Dear friend,

When I first started taking photos, it was magical. Not because I was naturally talented, because I wasn’t. It was about capturing the pure essence and beauty of the natural world in that moment. All I wanted to do was escape the chaos and find a way to just be in the moment. It felt liberating to shut out the world and find bliss in hidden beauty that surrounds us. It’s too easy to overlook and miss it.

So how do you get started building a photography habit?

If you want to get fit, you hit the gym.

If you want to learn to write, you write a lot.

If you want to build a photography habit, you’ll need to take you plenty of photos.

Pro Tip 1: Look for inspiration

It’s true that learning photography is a process and practice makes perfect, but don’t put pressure on yourself. You should be enjoying it, not feeling guilty for doing it or not doing it enough. The best two things you can do are ironically is to either; Take lots of photos and no photos. I know, confusing?

At first leave your camera at home, and just look for photos you’d love to take. There’s something about simply being aware and taking the time to look at the world around you. I know this sounds easy, but life can be very good at distracting you. Seriously, just keep the idea of taking photos in your mind. Once you’ve started to build your photography habit and you’re naturally finding several photos you want to take. Then it’s time to make sure you have your camera to hand and start taking them.

Pro Tip 2: Personal Projects!

Time to get personal. What do you want to get from learning photography?

Some people simply want stunning photos to enjoy

Some want a challenge

Some want a recording of part of their life

For others it’s all about the grow and learning (if this is you, congrats, you’re never finished learning ?)

There are some of my favourite photography challenges to help you get started building your photography habit.

The 365 Project – Simply take a photo everyday.

52 Week Challenge – A weekly photo.

Theme Challenge – Food, Black and white, your kids, faceless. There’s so many you can choose from.

Selfie Challenge – Show yourself off in true light.

Pro Tip 3: Routines

Finding a easy and regular small window of time to focus of your photography and taking photos is essential to building a photography habit. The easier you make the process and enjoy it; the more likely you are to achieve building a photography habit.

Ideas of how to incorporate into your daily life.

  • Go for a walk (walk the dog at the same time)
  • Take a photo on the school run (please pull over if you drive the little ones)
  • A lunchtime treat
  • At the park while the littles are having fun
  • At any meal time (food photography is so much fun)
  • Before you start your day (the morning sun can be so much fun)

Pro tip 4: Photo Uses

Deciding how you will use all these photos and/or treating yourself to something special is a great incentive to keep you going. You can’t make a special album or hang a frame if you don’t have the photos in the first place.

Pro tip 5: Take my 21 Day Challenge

How to build a successful photography habit?
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