Find out what happens when you capture your true self; your business, all while captivating your ideal audience. 

Meet Robyn

When I first got my camera I remember being so excited and wanting to learn how to do EVERYTHING…. 

OH, where do I start? 

The best place to start is getting to know three very simple things:

 1) Your gear – What is possible with your gear?

2) Your style – What do you want to show (tell) the world

3) Your community – You need somewhere you’re comfortable sharing your work. 

Working with Robyn is easy. She always made me feel comfortable to ask anything. I cant believe the power of photography.
Robyn is a natural teacher and working over Zoom with her is just like talking face to face. She easily helps you understand everything you need to know using features of the tech and always makes it fun and effortless!
I wanted to learn how to create half decent photos of my kids, but I also wanted something for me to focus on. This was exactly what I needed and would highly recommend Robyn.
Family Session - Alana

You Will Learn ....

🤩 Determine the right camera and equipment you need to finally get started confidently.

🤩How a camera truly works and exactly which modes & settings you need to use (Secret: You don’t need a lot of them)

🤩How to control them so you can create the photos you want & love effortlessly.

🤩Learn what makes a photo great and why a photo doesn’t work.

🤩Choose which compositions work best for you and why they attract your people.

🤩How to create the best compositions out of an old photos.

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🤩Determine which type of light is best for your image

🤩Explore techniques to modify your light in different scenarios.

🤩Perform colour correction using several different methods.

🤩How to enhance your photos using different light techniques

🤩Learn how to editing on the go for free, in less than 3 mins, in just 7 quick steps. (With almost any editor)

🤩How to fix composition and light problems after the fact, because life’s not perfect.

🤩Make sure your images are optimised for any platform and how to organise them all

🤩Learn my secret way to get great photos done WITHOUT any camera.

The Cherry on the Top

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Want some sprint coaching on your photography? During the course there will be four group coaching sessions to make sure you get the individual support your need.


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Once you’re a member of the Clickability Program, you’ll receive a welcome email, and a welcome strategy call too. Your email will have a link and instructions on how to join the Clickability Academy Facebook Group. Along with your log in details to access the membership site, where you will have access to the modules & bonuses as they are released.

You've can totally do this!

Just a small note to say. If you know you need great photos for your business and you have that burning desire to create your own story to show the world. Then you’re in the right place. 

Sometimes you just need to find the right person to hold your hand, reassure you that what you’re doing is right. Ever felt finished up a project, had that small relief that you’ve finished but then that stomach churning doubt says “is that right?”

Getting the right feedback is essential to building confidence. No more hiding, or doubting. It’s time you felt 100% confident is how to create visual content that not only speaks to who you are, but attracts the right people to you. 

100-percent-satisfaction guarantee

Robyn's Satisfaction Guarantee

So join us in the Clickability Program, attend each training session during the first 30 days, in its entirety and show us how you implemented the action steps in your business, because we know this only works if you work it. If you’ve fully implemented what the sessions and bonus content and for some crazy reason you haven’t made any progress, I personally will help you get there. 

I will not help you quit, but I will help you achieve your goal of learning how to take photos that you love. 

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Want to capture that super sweet moment, without everyone ending up in tears?

Learn how to get the most out of your photo session even if you’ve got kids who refuse to sit still or even look at a camera in the first place, with this printable session planner & checklist.

  • Avoid wasting your session and ONLY capturing ugly side of motherhood
  • Create a perfectly timed magical family fun experience you will want to remember forever
  • Plan your child-proof outfits, so that you can finally sit back and relax

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