10+ types of presets you need to know

Every preset should be experimented with. Unfortunately, because anyone can make a preset. There’s so really naff ones out there. If you’ve been hanging around here long enough, you’ll know me pretty well by now. You’ll know I believe, one shoe doesn’t fit all.

So keep one photo as a reference guide for editing. Apply just the preset to this raw photo and see what it does in the panel. Remember all presets can be adjusted and saved. So if you really like a preset but you think they’re just taken it a little too far. Dial it down a bit and save it.


Here are the presets I think everyone should have saved. (just because you never know): 

Remember, not every preset will suit every photo. Some will enhance and some hinder. It’s up to you to decide which. Some of these presets are here to show you exactly this. Please take the time to understand what each preset does before you apply it.

Did you know that presets can be layered on top of each other?