Live Flat lay Workshop - June 2018

Learn how to create your own flat lay photos from start to finish.


About the Workshop

First off this is not a webinar. You will have the opportunity to be live with me to ask questions. Show me your progress, photos, etc. 

During the workshop I will show you every step to creating your own branded flat lay photos and we can address any issues along the way. 

Why Flat Lay Photos are awesome?


You can create the perfect image to your branding.


It’s much quicker to create a photo for one purpose and tweak it just for you. 

1 message

When people use the same stock image for different messages it can be confusing or even upsetting. It’s important to know how the image is being used. If it’s your own photo then


The average person spends 30 mins looking for the right stock photo to settle for ‘that’s good enough’. 
There’s a 35% higher conversion when using real raw deal photos. 
I’ve got time for that. 


Do you have a smartphone with wifi and a camera?
You’ve got everything you need to get started. 

I don't know how

Take this class and I’ll show you exactly how I do it. If you fail at it, I’ll give you a FREE 1:1 Email Help to help you succeed.*

What's Included?

We know how valuable your time is, so we outlined the whole workshop for you.

FlatLay Workshop

  • 5 Different types of FlatLays and the best scenarios for them. After all it’s nice to keep things varied.
  • Step-by-step we'll go through how to create your FlatLay LIVE together.( Because there's nothing worse than getting so far and getting stuck)
  • From picking the right background & Props for you.
  • Setting up the perfect Lighting.
  • Arranging them LIVE together to show you what works, what doesn't and why.
  • Editing your final images to give them that wow factor.

Save your spot

Don't miss out! Limited Tickets that are selling like pop-tarts.

FlatLay Workshop

£ 35
  • Approx - $47
  • FlatLay Workshop

FlatLay & 1 Hour Coaching

£ 97
  • Approx $126
  • FlatLay Workshop
  • 1 Hour 1:1 Zoom Coaching
Robyn is a natural teacher and working over Zoom with her is just like talking face to face. She easily helps you understand everything you need to know using features of the tech and always makes it fun!