Why your phone’s camera is so awesome?

Every belittle your phone’s camera. With yeah its just my phone!

I know I have, and then I truly thought about it. Most of you reading this will have a relatively decent smartphone, but how many of you realise just how good your phone’s camera really is….

Smart Phone Camera Vs Canon 5D (Classic)

If you know anything about photography you’ll know how much photographers waffle on about how fantastic a full frame is, in particular the Canon 5D. So how well do you think it one the biggest doesn’t alongside your phone. 

Iphone 8 +

Release Date: 2017

Size: 158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5 mm

Weight: 202g

Megapixel: 12 & 7

Image Resolution: 4608 x 2592

Fps: 4K video recording at 30 fps

Samsung S8+

Release Date: 2017

Size: 159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1 mm

Weight: 173g

Megapixel: 12 & 8

Image Resolution: 4000 x 3000

Fps: 4K video recording at 30 fps

Canon 5D Mark 1

Release Date: 2005

Size: 152 x 113 x 75

Weight: 906g

Megapixel: 12.8

Image Resolution: 4368 x 2912

Fps: 3fps for stills, No Video Mode.

$2699.00 > £2000. 

Does any of this surprise you?

So what were you saying about your phone’s camera, being just a phone camera. It’s a beautiful piece of kit. Now take a moment and be really truthful with yourself. When was the last time you treated you phone camera like a camera? Held it like a camera? Treated with the respect it deserve. Yep, I didn’t think so either. Would you toss a camera without the hood on into the bottom of a crumb ridden bag? Yet, I know you treat your phone that way. 

If you want to take the most out of our phones camera, you need to see it as a professional camera. Yes, there are people out there using there iPhone to take professional work. 

Carpet Python

Kaisa and Stanley Breeden


Ilya D. Bronskiy

Is your phone's camera good enough now? Comment below if you want to learn how to get the most out of your phone's camera?


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