Why new sucks?

Raw & Real Mom's (Ep - 1)

Ever not bothering trying because you don't want to suck?

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In today's episode...

We’re talking about how hard new can be, and the two best ways to handle new and difficult conversations. 

  1. Conversations 
  2. Creativity 


You’re not alone, we live in a magical word of technology. So find someone who loves what you love or can help you. There’s always someone ahead of you on your journey who can help guide you if you’re feeling a little lost on where to start or how to start. So if you’ve always wanted to learn photography or wish you could do a certain something. Have a conversation.
Don’t know anyone who likes photos – Join us at


Commit yourself right now (message me) to just try. We have hundreds of prompts and ideas to help you get started today, so you don’t need anything other than you deciding you are not going to stay where you are now and take that first step.




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