Underwater Photography Gear

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Underwater photography is all see the other 71% of the planet. So whether you’re all about the detailed water drop, the long exposure of waterfalls, or taking the deep dive to the unknown, you’ll need to know how to protect your underwater photography gear to make sure it doesn’t get wrecked in the process.

You’ll need to consider specialist unwater photography gear:

  • Water absorbs colours such as red, orange, and yellow. This is why your underwater photos will look blue if you don’t use a flash or strobe. The deeper you go, the more colour is absorbed, therefore you’ll need a light source to help you out.
  • Compact cameras come with internal flashes that can be used to add colours to your photos
  • Underwater photographers often buy an external strobe / flash as a way to add colour
  • Water reduces contrast, colour and sharpness, which is why underwater photos should be taken within 1 meter of the camera, preferably much closer. You need to get very close to your subject.

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