Training your eye – Learning to see like a photographer

Wish you could see the world how photographers do?

This week we’ve been looking at exactly how you learn to see like a photographer and develop a creative eye for photography.

Photography is all about the art of seeing, and how we perceive the world around us. It’s no secret that we all see things differently and it’s the art and skill of seeing that we struggle with as beginners of photography. 

Ever thought to yourself: 

How did you see that? 
Maybe i’m just not creative enough…

Wanna learn? 

In this post we will be looking at:

Can mindful photography really help?

Take a few moments to reflect on why you take pictures. What are the stories that you’re trying to tell?
Why is this so important to you?

Photography exercises to help you develop your photographers eye

Exercise 1: Ten in one

The single most important thing to take away from this post is 

You don’t need a camera to practice learning to see. All you need is to remember to try. 
Wherever you are today take 2 minutes to practice seeing whats around you and learn how to be present in the moment. 

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