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What photography has taught me?

We dwell for so long on what we need to learn about photography, whether it be the settings, compositions, techniques. Today, I want to flip it and look at what photography has taught me in return. Patience Photography is all about timing. It’s about waiting for the right moment and

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Everything you need to know about camera filters!

You love you camera, and you’ve finally got your head around the basics, but now there’s all these different accessories and you don’t know your ND filters from your skylights. Worse still there seems to be a lot of confusion about what each filter is called. Just to confuse you

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My Gear 2.0

This post contains affiliate links. If you’d like to know more, Affiliate Disclosure I mean business! Hiding my camera in a pretty bag. My Lowepro Runner 450AW is my go to place. It keeps everything nice and safe and I know it has everything in there including the kitchen sink.

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Why I have a love hate relationship with Stock Photos?

Of course it’s a great idea to have someone else with the time and tech take photos for us, especially when we don’t always have the time, locations or tech to be able to achieve those photos. BUT The reality is that you spend the same about of time searching

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Preparing for Summer

Summer is (Hopefully) Coming… and hopefully you’re planning some great adventures with both friends and family. It can be difficult to remember everything including your camera, especially when you’re due to hitting the beach. Yes, you can take your camera. I promise you’ll regret it if you leave it behind.

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