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7 Smartphone Photography Tricks (that you need to know)

Need some updated smartphone photography tricks and tips and you’ve already conquered the 5 days to better smartphone photography? Let’s face it. It’s no longer good enough to take a good photo to impress those hanging out on Instagram, because everyone learning how to do it. SMARTPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY 101 VERSUS SMARTPHONE

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Everything you need to know when cleaning your camera

We all love our cameras, but how much love do we show them. It’s so important to how to clean your digital camera to get the most of it. Good gear can certainly take a small battering, but only if it’s looked after in between uses, especially when you have sticky

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Training your eye – Learning to see like a photographer

Wish you could see the world how photographers do? This week we’ve been looking at exactly how you learn to see like a photographer and develop a creative eye for photography. Photography is all about the art of seeing, and how we perceive the world around us. It’s no secret that

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How to manage your photos

Best way to organise and back up your photos

If I asked you where your digital photos are, what would you say? My guess is that you would probably say your smartphone and maybe even the cloud, oh and your computer, Facebook, Instagram. Then, just as you think you’ve named all possible places, it dawns on you that you

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Make your at home kids photos a reality

Ever caught a glimpse of your little one, and felt astonishment over how much they’ve grown and changed, me too. It’s amazing how much they can show you if you stop and look. I love capturing who they are, just as they are. Over the years, I’ve found that the

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Why new sucks?

Ever not bothering trying because you don’t want to suck? Subscribe to Raw & Real Mom’s Podcast Apple | Spotify | Stitcher In today’s episode… We’re talking about how hard new can be, and the two best ways to handle new and difficult conversations.  Conversations  Creativity    Conversations You’re not

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