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Top 7 spring photo ideas

Spring Photography Ideas

Are you looking for some inspiration? For your Instagram feed, your Facebook or are you just looking for some personal inspiration, on how to take photographs of your children? Whatever it maybe, I’m here to say that I’m going to help you. Whenever I think of spring I think of

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Easy and creative uses for your photos

What to do with all your photos? We all have so many photos these days. According to Gigaom, the average person has 630 photos stored on their phone. I have a lot more than that. While I love the idea of printing them all, it’s not space effective.  I’d need

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How to manage your photos

How to manage all your photos like a pro

If I asked you where your digital photos are, what would you say? My guess is that you would probably say your smartphone and maybe even the cloud, oh and your computer, Facebook, Instagram. Then, just as you think you’ve named all possible places, it dawns on you that you

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Light Guide- How to use Lighting in Photography

We all know the cliche that without light you cannot have photography, and therefore photography actually stems from Greek roots that mean “writing with light.” In order to truly take control over your photography, you have to understand light and how it works. In this light guide you’ll learn how

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