Spring Photography Ideas

Top 7 spring photo ideas

Are you looking for some inspiration? For your Instagram feed, your Facebook or are you just looking for some personal inspiration, on how to take photographs of your children? Whatever it maybe, I’m here to say that I’m going to help you.

Whenever I think of spring I think of rain, flowers and fun, but that’s probably bceause I’m from England.

7 spring props that you could use in your spring photography

Rain Boots

You really can't beat kids splashing in puddles. It’s just too much fun, as a mum, watching him all excited, sneaky out his next puddle to conquer. I love getting him all wrapped up and taking him out in the rain.


There's something about an umbrella and the different ways kids find to use it. Whether it be about a hiding spot or just the best accessory for that perfect outfit. (If only he could figure out how to use it.)



What kid doesn't like bubbles! It’s ridiculous I think they see the tube and just run for it. They love to chase them, they'll hunt them, they catch them, smash them, whatever your kids favourite activity to do. Just have fun!


There's something about a swing, whether it be a good old-fashioned one or a pretty flower one. Don't miss the opportunity to capture those magical moments and smiles with your little one.



While it might seem impossible to get your little one to sit still. I'm here to tell you that, using a chair does not mean they need to sit. It’s time to start thinking outside the box, and if you’re still not sure take a little inspiration from below.

Field running


It doesn't matter whether they are a boy or a girl. I can promise you flowers will be always be a win. They like to pick them, chase them, running through them, may even like to wear them. I love taking Jack flower picking in a big massive field and see what wonders he unfolds.



Something about flowers but in particular the good old-fashioned activity of blowing dandelions. I don't know whether it's the magic of knowing where all the seeds were land or just the Fascination of watching them fly but what I can tell you is this is a show at spring activity not to be messed with your little one

I'd love to see your Spring photos, why not tag me @robynobrienphotography.

7 spring ideas