School Photos

The amount of parents I hear complaining about their childs school photos is emence. Photo’s are ruined for silly reasons. Hair out of place, crooked ties and unclean faces.

Here is my guide to a great school photo:

  • Don’t use the school photographer.

Not because they aren’t good. I’m sure they are, but they have up to a 1000 children to get through in one day. They don’t edit the photo’s and spend about 2 mins per child. Even my photo’s would be lacking if I spent that much time with each child.

  • Do it yourself

Here’s my top tips to a nice off to school photo.

Use a plain background with no distractions, get down to eye level, and see what you get. if that seems to hard, try the next step.

  • Can’t deal with all the stress then call me

I’ll happily pop over for a mini-shoot and do all the hard work for you. No hassle and incredibly flexible. 

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