Prices and Products

Every session is customised to you. We will work together to make it the magical event it should be. Why not give me a call 07890683191 or leave me a message. 


Photo Session start from £50

This includes:
A pre-consultation via telephone or over a warm cuppa to plan your ideas
A 60 min photo session
A viewing in the comfort of your home.

Session types available:

Bump to Baby
Two sessions. One around 32 weeks and another once the baby arrives. (7-10days old)
A 90min session in the comfort of your home. Around 7-10 days old.
Three 90 min sessions. A choice of ages. Newborn, 3 months, 6months, 12months, 18 months
Under 12 Months
A 90min session either on location or from the comfort of your home.
Perfect once your little one has started walking.
A session either on location or from the comfort of your home.
Cake Smash and Splash
There’s nothing like a Cake Smash and Splash for a birthday. Why not let your little one enjoy exploring a massive cake and then a fun clean up after.
Up to four people. Record those magical moments together before they’re too big.
Don’t see what you’re looking for, leave me a message and I’ll see what we can arrange.