Everyone learns differently and my favourite part of teaching is helping you find the easiest way to learn for you. I love that lightbulb moment when everything comes together and the penny finally drops. If you want to learn photography you're in the right spot. Working out where to start can be difficult, so if you're feeling a lost. Drop me a message. I'd love to chat.

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Training your eye guide- Part 1
Learning Photography

Training your eye- Part 1

Facebook Pinterest Google+ Twitter LinkedIn What does having a photographic eye actually mean? When you think about what makes a good photographer? Many people believe

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Smartphone Photography


Learning Photography

Best Photography Books

Finding the best photography books shouldn’t fill you dread or worry. It should be excited and inspiring. By the end of this post you’ll know

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Holiday Photography

Best photo gift ideas

We all have thousands of photos at our disposal thanks to the magic of the digital age. However, we rarely do really nice things with

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Photography Gear

Best Photo Editors

BLOG There’s so many photo editors out there; how do you know which is the best photo editors. These days, everyone has a camera and

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Ways to work with me

Join us online with over 50 lessons and a supportive community that will help you stay accountable. 

This is a two hour, in-person session and is open to any mom in the West Midlands & Worcestershire area.

This one time, virtual session is available to any mom who is interested in learning more about photography

Work with Robyn privately for 3 months of support, advice and photography coaching. 


I am Robyn O'Brien, founder of Robyn O'Brien Photography and Academy.

Everyone learns in different ways.  It’s my job to help you find your way and master your camera, find your style and some clarity. Photography has a magically way of showing you more than what’s just in front of you. I’d love to talk to you about what you want to find from learning photography. 

Still want to learn photography but no clue where to start. Drop a message to me and say hi. I’d be more than happy to help you find the right path for you. 

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