Getting to know your Camera

Some many people ask me but how do you know what to do when doing a photo session. It’s actually rather simple. I know because I spend hundreds of hours learning how camera’s work and how to fix my images, when it goes wrong. (Which I can honestly say, was far too many times).

How your camera works?

If you don’t know the fundamentals of how a camera works. I strongly recommend you watch the following video. It’s awesome if you want to learn the how.

You also need to know some basic terminology.

Aperture: How big the hole is and therefore how much of your photo is in focus and how much is blurry?

Shutter Speed: How quick is your subject and do you want to freeze the image?

ISO: How sensitive your sensor is?

Metering: A bar inside your viewfinder showing you how to correctly expose you image.

Today’s Assignment:
Download your manual if you haven’t already and keep it on your phone.

Next, we will be looking at Aperture

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