We all love our cameras, but how much love do we show them. It’s so important to make sure that you clean and maintain your gear to get the most of it. Good gear can certainly take a small battering, but only if its looked after in between uses.

How to clean and maintain your gear?

Might seem obvious, but start from the outside and work your way in. This is help eliminate the about of dust and grime in the air.

How often should you clean your camera?

The body as a when you see that it needs it.

The sensor come down to how often you use your camera and how

Step 1: The Body

I use a tek towel or gel to wipe off any grime, sand etc and then clean the grooves with a makeup brush to clean the outside of the lens and body. Then use baby Q-tips to clean the viewfinder and glass/ screen wipes for the LCD screen.

Step 2: Sensor

Although there are many at home kits, it’s important that you follow the instructions, lock the mirror and only use each swab once. However, I prefer to get mine done at my local camera shop once a year. Much easier and less stressful.

Step 3: Lens

Check your lens after every session, but I only clean them when it’s needed. I prefer to blow the dust away rather than wipe it off. You can do this by using a Rocket Blower or Lens pens.

Step 4 Extras

Filters are my favourite way to prevent lens dirt and damage. Worse case scenario it’s much cheaper and easier to replace a filter than it is a whole lens. That being said, you should still clean them. I recommend a lens pen to clean them.

Lens caps definitely get the grubbiest. We have a tendency to shove them in our pockets, our bags, etc. There’s two ways to deal with this. A favourite is to put the base and top cap together. It makes a cute little storage tub, or keep wipes handy before packing away.

Step 5: Accessories


Keeping your bag closed prevents dust settling, however a good vacuum can always help.


Good quality tripods can take a beating but they last a lot longer if you keep the dirt out. So a quick wipe over before collapsing it will help prevent a build up of dirt within the tubes.

Top Cleaning Supplies:

Rocket Blower Blows the dust away, and prevents any tiny scratches.

Lens Pens- I have a little kit, which I use a lot to clean the fingerprints off.

Lens wipes-Are a last resort for tougher dirt.

Microfibre cleaning clothes. for the outer bodies.

What’s your kit worth to you?