Drone Photography Gear

Drone Photography Gear

If you’re not sure if Drone Photography is the best place to start, Start here with my How to find the best photography gear for you Quiz.

Drone photography is all about seeing the beauty of the natural world from a distinctive hard to reach angle. Drones have become the easiest method of aerial photography, because let’s face it we all don’t have a helicopter on standby.

You’ll need to consider:

Choose you drone carefully. There are two types of drones, those that have a build in camera and those that you attach one too.

Learn the local laws, every state and county has its own rules and you need to know them.

Make sure you’re prepared.

      • Fly Zone: Where are you going to fly? Is it private or public domain?
      • Weather: Are flying conditions good? Will you need to utilise anti-stabilisation because of the wind?
      • Surroundings: Will there be people around at this time of day? Will it be safe to fly low/high? Will they mind a drone hovering around them?
      • Battery: Have you charged up all your batteries? How long can you stay in the air?
      • Settings: What resolution do you need? How bright do you need to set your camera? What frame rate, shutter speed, and ISO are best for what you want to achieve in your photo?
      • Propellers: How are your propellers looking? Are they nice and straight, or do they need replacing?
      • Motor: is the motor and mounts in tact? Are the motors rotating freely? Is it making any unrecognisable sounds? Are the screws tight?
    • Controls: If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, is it ready to go for your flight? Are other apps turned off? Is the fully charged? If you’re using a remote control, does it have batteries? Is it responding to your drone?

My promise to you all was I would give you the best I know, and drone photography are not my thing, but I love mydeardrone. Go check it out.

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