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Make your at home kids photos a reality

Ever caught a glimpse of your little one, and felt astonishment over how much they’ve grown and changed, me too. It’s amazing how much they can show you if you stop and look. I love capturing who they are, just as they are. Over the years, I’ve found that the

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Why new sucks?

Ever not bothering trying because you don’t want to suck? Subscribe to Raw & Real Mom’s Podcast Apple | Spotify | Stitcher In today’s episode… We’re talking about how hard new can be, and the two best ways to handle new and difficult conversations.  Conversations  Creativity    Conversations You’re not

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Mom and daughter cuddling - Are family photos worth the effort?

Are family photos worth it?​​​​​​​

Jack found my childhood family album, and he was totally engrossed. “It’s little mommy”, I really haven’t changed much over the years. This got me thinking about what our family photos would mean to him as he grows up, especially when I think about how much his changed in just

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Will my house work for an at-home photoshoot?

I love in-home photo sessions, after all it’s about capturing what your life is like at that moment in time. It’s a common reaction to feel “my house isn’t nice enough for an at-home photoshoot”. We understand that feeling, but that’s where I come in. You might be thinking “I

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Phone Photography 101

What is phone photography? Phone photography is no different to normal photography, it’s just a different camera! Just like going from DSLR to mirrorless, it’s all about learning that tool, but the fundamental principles are the same, now that technology. The biggest issue with smartphone photography is people believe that

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