Hello, my name is Robyn and I'm a blogger, mommy, children's photographer and photography coach, living in West Midlands, England. In this blog you'll find my photos, inspiration and tutorials. I created this blog to help you create photos and wall art that you love.

little girl smiling
Learning Photography

How to Get Your Kid to Genuinely Smile in Photos

Let them be themselves Everyone feel self conscious around a camera. Kids aren’t any different, and the chances are if you’re reading this then you just want a real picture of your kid happy, so let them do exactly that. A memory of them enjoying themselves.  Let them be the

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girl hiding
Photography Session

Worst School Photos Ever

There are many reasons why you feel like your photo is the worst school photos ever. Every year the amount of parents I hear complaining about their child’s bad school photos is immense. Photos are ruined for silly reasons. Hair out of place, crooked ties and unclean faces, missing teeth

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nerdy school girl
Autumn Photography

How to get the best back to school photos

Going back to school is another milestone on your child’s life journey. It’s one of those moments that you can’t help but think back to when they were smaller and possibly cuter. (Threenger is the making here.) With everyone saying I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. First day of

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backlit camera

How to become a travel photographer

There’s a huge difference between taking photos on holiday and taking a trip for photos, and yes a hybrid is totally doable. But please make sure your go into each of these with the right intention and expectations. Avoid these simple travel photography mistakes, because you’re not going to get

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summer photo

How to prepare your summer photos

Summer is coming (right ) … and hopefully you’re planning some great adventures with both friends and family. It can be difficult to remember everything including your camera, especially when you’re due to hitting the beach. Yes, you can take your camera. I promise you’ll regret it if you leave

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Title and camera
Learning Photography

So you’ve got a new DSLR …. Now what?

It’s always fun getting new gear, whether it’s a new smartphone camera or a new DSLR camera. Step 1: To get the best possible photos use all the tools available. Understanding what your camera can and can’t do is essential. When you first get started, it’s easy to get overwhelmed

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Learning Photography

10+ Best Photography Presets you need to know

Every type of preset should be experimented with. Unfortunately, because anyone can make a preset. There’s so really naff ones out there. If you’ve been hanging around here long enough, you’ll know me pretty well by now. You’ll know I believe, one shoe doesn’t fit all, so here is my

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Top 7 spring photo ideas
Learning Photography

Spring Photography Ideas

Are you looking for some inspiration? For your Instagram feed, your Facebook or are you just looking for some personal inspiration, on how to take photographs of your children? Whatever it maybe, I’m here to say that I’m going to help you. Whenever I think of spring I think of

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Learning Photography

Easy and creative uses for your photos

What to do with all your photos? We all have so many photos these days. According to Gigaom, the average person has 630 photos stored on their phone. I have a lot more than that. While I love the idea of printing them all, it’s not space effective.  I’d need

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