Are family photos worth it?​​​​​​​

Are family photos worth the effort2

Jack found my childhood family album, and he was totally engrossed. “It’s little mommy”, I really haven’t changed much over the years. This got me thinking about what our family photos would mean to him as he grows up, especially when I think about how much his changed in just 4 years. It’s not just about being able to remember our memories, but to tell the stories for those who can’t remember. I wanted to explore this notion more, so decided to research the topic further. Surely, someone’s looked into this. Photos are so much more than we ever give them credit for. Photo’s give us a history, memories to cherish and sense of belonging, so are photos worth it? In the next 5 mins, you’ll learn exactly what photos can do for you for family and the importance of printing photos. 

The value of “unconscious memories”

What’s your earliest memory? Most of us don’t remember the first few years of our life and our earliest memories aren’t normally emotionally neutral, meaning they are a strong positive or negative emotion. Have you ever looked back at a photo and questioned yourself; do you I actually remember this, or simply created the memory from the photo and the stories your mom told you about it. 

Photos are so much more than just a reminder to us of what it was like. It’s a trigger for unconscious memories for your kids and a reminder of what they were like when they’re older. Current research indicates that people’s earliest memories date from around 3 to 3.5 years of age and therefore having photos of these early years, reinforces our current beliefs of who we are. 

What does having wall photos of your kids on display actually mean to them?

We live in an incredibly fast paced society, where we are conditioning inattentive kids, and we feel pressured to fit everything in, however when we look at a photo we remember how we felt when it was taken. Professor Geoff Beattie, Head of School and Dean of Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester reminds us: “We cannot underestimate the power of photographs to keep us feeling linked to others and belonging. They cement us into our networks. For children in particular, looking at photographs is part of the socialising process; learning who you are and where you fit into the family. By displaying photographs of our children at different stages of their lives, we are making a very public statement that we are proud of them.’1 


Family photographs help children’s self-esteem

When you think about from a kids perspective, as a kid did you ever create something you were proud of, that you wanted to show to everyone. The first time Jack wrote his name by himself. He showed everyone, and then I hung it on the door for him. You display a piece of art work by putting it somewhere everyone can see. (the kitchen fridge is our house), but its the message that you’re sending to your family that more significant. You’re saying “Well done, I love that” so by putting up family photos on the wall, what you’re actually doing is making us feel special, and reminding us how important being a part of a family is. 

We know now that photos help us establish and see a sense of belonging. 

This allows us to help them have a good sense of who they are before social media can tell them how they should look, and what they should be like. 

It seems quite logical from my point of view, but don’t take my word. 

If you only take one thing away from reading this, let it be: 

Put your photos on your

It doesn’t matter if you learn how to take great photos of your kids yourself or find a great family photographer who will help you capture your moments for you, so that you can concentrate on enjoying the moment. Just remember how much a family photos can help your family feel good about themselves and their life. 


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