7 Sure Fire Tips to the Greatest Halloween Photos

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Halloween Photo’s can be challenging if you don’t know how to create those spooky feelings.

How to create a horror feel? ??

Creating that Creepy horror look in your Halloween photos is easier than you think. It’s all about the light. Have you ever seen how creepy light looks? Try these five creepy lightings.

Using spooky lighting in halloween photos
  • Side lighting for long shadows
  • Single flash light
  • Back lighting for silhouettes
  • Uplighting for the horror look

How to create a spooky silhouette?

A create idea for sunset. Find a spot where the sun (or main light source) is behind the subject you want to capture. Then set your exposure to the light source and watch as your subject darkens into a silhouette.

How to deal with low light?

Here are my quick and easy tips for dealing with low light situations:

  • Crank up your ISO
  • Slow your shutter speed down (use tripod under 1/80
  • Use a wider aperture
  • Manipulate the light you do have (reflectors, off camera flash etc)
  • Edit it after the fact.

How to create ghost writing in your Halloween Photos?

To create ghost writing / drawing you’ll need a camera that can do at least 8 sec long exposures. You’d be surprised how easy this is. Set up your camera for a long exposure on a tripod or secure surface. Then use a torch to draw pictures, lines or words in the air. The long exposure will capture the light floating in the air.

Ghost writing photo
Ghost writing photo

How to add ghosts to your Halloween photos?

Creating a double exposure photo (ghostly) is by taking two long exposure photos of around 8 secs but only have them stand their for around 5 secs. The change the location for remaining 3 secs.
Or use two photos and merge them in something like Photoshop, check out my Best editors post if you don’t know which software to use.

Ghosty halloween photo

How to find the best spooky locations?

The best Halloween Photo locations have a simple backdrop.

  • Single bare trees
  • Windows
  • Empty Fields
  • Somewhere abandoned
  • Old churches

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