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How to find the right mentor

I’ve been putting off getting a photography mentor because it’s an additional cost and I doubted how effective a mentor would be on my photography. I believe that you should never stop learning, but I already know the basics and I was worried that I’d be repeating the same old

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10 Wishes for my Child

Today, I was going to tell you my top 10 wishes for Jack. Nothing particular unique about wanting your child to be happy and healthy, I know. But this morning at 8:44 I got a call that literally threw my day upside down. I went from having a relaxing chilled

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Finding the right editorial Calendar for you!

Finding the right editorial and marketing calendar is an extremely difficult thing to do when you’re on a budget. There are many social media calendars out there, but I struggled to find the one that would do all my social media auto-posting, while keeping my to-do list and drafts calendar

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How to make your good photos great.

Why you need to edit? I don’t know why when people hear the term edit, they automatically think 4 hours in photoshop, making extreme changes. For me: Subtlety is key- a good edit shouldn’t be obvious. Robyn O’Brien Tweet Master the Basics Just start with the basics again. Crop, Exposure,

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